• Operation of two valves as standard
  • The possibility to connect 2 sources of heat
  • The possibility to control an additional device, e.g. the garage door, lighting or a sprinkler etc.
  • General data
  • Product description
  • Product parameters

Controller for Installations

Operation two valves as standard


Functions Performed by the Controller:

  • Smooth control of two mixing valves
  • DHW pump control
  • Return temperature protection
  • Weather-based control and weekly control
  • Independent analogue output of 0-10 VDC (e.g. for controlling the gas boiler)
  • Two configurable dry outputs
  • Two configurable voltage outputs
  • Cooperation with three two-state room regulators
  • Cooperation with a room regulator with RS communication
  • The possibility to connect the EU-65 GSM module
  • The possibility to connect the EU-505 ETHERNET module
  • The possibility to control two additional valves with the use of additional EU-61 v4 or EU-431n modules
  • The possibility to update the software through a USB port


Controller’s Equipment:

  • Large, color, LCD touchscreen 4.3″
  • DHW sensor
  • External sensor
  • Valve temperature sensors
  • Return and boiler temperature sensors
  • A casing made from high-quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures
Specification Unit  
Power supply V 230V/50Hz +/- 10%
Max. power consumption W 4
Ambient temperature °C 5÷50
Sensor thermal resistance °C -25÷90
Fuse A 1,6
Temperature adjustment range °C 8÷90
The load on each output A 0,5